Price list

Price Category A (PC A):  General and technical translations

Price Category B (PC B):  Medical / legal documents, scientific treatises and pure advertising copy

Price Category C (PC C):  Minimum amount

All prices are in Euro (€) per standard line (50 characters incl. spaces) plus statutory value-added tax. Incomplete lines are calculated as full lines. The specified line rates are for reference only. We can only quote the exact and most favourable price after checking the documents.


English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish

(A) 1.25 Euro

(B) 1.45 Euro

(C) 35.00 Euro

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak

(A) 1.60 Euro

(B) 1.95 Euro

(C) 40.00 Euro

Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian

(A) 2.20 Euro

(B) 2.30 Euro

(C) 45.00 Euro


(A) 2.50 Euro

(B) 2.80 Euro

(C) 50.00 Euro

Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Afrikaans, Hebrew

(A) 3.20 Euro

(B) 3.60 Euro

(C) 55.00 Euro

Other african and asian languages

(A) 3.40 Euro

(B) 3.80 Euro

(C) 60.00 Euro

Other languages upon request.

*Certification, notarisation and apostille will be charged separately.

Surcharge for urgent translations: billed on an individual basis or by agreement

For annual accounts and large orders, please contact us and we will provide you with an individual offer and special conditions.


Negotiation interpreting:                        € 90.00 – € 100.00 per hour

Simultaneous interpreting:                    € 950.00 per day

Hourly rates are based on the difficulty of the language and subject area. Prices are plus expenses and travel costs (travel hours = working hours) plus the statutory VAT, currently 19 %. Please contact us regarding per diem rates for negotiation interpreting.

Prices as of: 01 October 2022