Translation ist understanding and being understood ...

Linguistic competence is based on two factors:
Working regularly with a language and the experience in dealing with specialized topics and vocabularies.

Christoph Baumeister Translation and Interpreter Service offers you both.
Over 30 years of experience in translating and interpreting and an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of specialized fields. Based on this professionalism, you can be sure that you not only get a literal translation, but also one that suits the mentality of the audience. Our translators are not only native speakers, but also have the expertise needed in a wide variety of specialized fields.

Traditional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology

There is a growing influence of technological developments on language – the communication possibilities are becoming much more diverse.

Communication in all languages and for all media is therefore becoming more and more important to your success. We follow this modern trend by using state-of the-art technology. This includes computer-assisted translations, which in conjunction with new media opens a variety of new possibilities.

Let there be no misunderstanding: A computer does not give you a finished translation and is no substitute for a qualified translator. It is an important tool that helps meet the complexity of today’s requirements.

Um keine Missverständnisse aufkommen zu lassen:  Der Computer fertigt keine Übersetzungen an und kann den qualifizierten Übersetzer nicht ersetzen. Er ist aber ein wichtiges Instrument, das dabei hilft, der Komplexität der heutigen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden.


Specialized texts of all kinds require a translator that not only has the mastery of the target language, but also one that has a sound technical and scientific knowledge of the individual disciplines. Since the various disciplines cannot be handled by one person, we work with over 150 freelancers of different nationalities. As a rule they only translate into their mother tongue an in the respective discipline. This ensures a professional translation with the mentality of the target audience in mind.

What is an apostille?
An apostille is an additional requirement demanded by some countries for certified translations. This is obtained from the respective court where the translator of the certified document is registered.

What is notarisation?
The signatures on some documents must be notarised to be legal. Notarisation is obtained from the regional government or, in some cases, from the court.

What documents are required for a foreign marriage?
The Registry Office determines which documents are required.
Documents from some countries require an apostille from the country of origin if the documents need to be translated into German.
Some countries require either a notarisation or an apostille for German documents that need to be translated and certified.

Please contact us, we are happy to advise you.

With our network of interpreters distributed throughout the Federal Republic, we are able to completely cover the areas of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.
In addition, our interpreters are available in other countries, which may bring you a significant savings in travel expenses.

Consecutive interpreters can help you negotiate with your overseas business partners in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Simultaneous interpreters are available for lectures and conferences that require simultaneous playback of the spoken word. Of course, we can also supply you with the necessary technology.

Our conference equipment not only includes the installation of wireless simultaneous interpretation facilities, but also the entire range of amplifiers, microphones, speakers, recording equipment, cabling, etc.. We also provide you with a trained technician that is available to support the equipment throughout the entire conference.

Upon request, we will provide all the conference technology you need at home and abroad.

Documentation and manuals with text, drawings and illustrations are more than just the “accompanying documents” of your products, they are the “business card” of your company.
State-of-the-art technology opens the door for professional graphic design. We also offer you the advantage of maintaining the same corporate identity throughout all of your documentation and manuals, including the languages needed by your business partners.

In this age of increasingly sophisticated technologies and ever more European regulations, documentation requirements are continuously growing. Documentation must be comprehensive and at the same time attractive. This is also part of our complete range of services.

We can prepare your documentation, manuals and handbooks in virtually all languages.

In cases where it makes sense, advertising copy is translated by our foreign partners. Language is also subject to changing times, and in certain cases it may be advantageous to have a translation prepared in the mother country – especially advertising copy.

This is especially true when you translate advertising copy, for example, when an ad is to appear in England, America or Australia you must be aware of local colloquialisms. The same applies for French translations. An ad placed in France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland or other French-speaking countries requires its own linguistic style.

We can also provide you with transcription services. We accurately, quickly and inexpensively transcribe your text.

This way you relieve your staff of the tedious job of inputting text and avoid the need for separate proofreading.

We are happy to give you advice and will provide you with the best possible quotation.

Do not hesitate to contact us.