General Terms and Conditions

1. Our services comprise translation and interpretation work. Prices are calculation on the bases of our current price list.

2. Translations are completed as quickly and accurately as possible. As a general rule, print or reproduction ready translations as well as demanding translations are carried out by translators translating into their mother tongue.

Unless special instructions or documents are provided, technical terms are translated into common, and comprehensible technical terms. Cost estimates are only to be taken as approximate pricing. The amount charged is calculated from the actual number of lines in the original text.

3. All orders are treated as strictly confidential. All of our personnel are under legal obligation to do likewise.

4. If an order is placed on the basis of a previous telephone quotation, the order must be confirmed in writing.

5. A copy proof must always be provided for print ready translations. The review of the copy proof is free of charge.

6. No liability is accepted for errors in translations which arise because the customer has supplied inaccurate or incomplete information or inaccurate source texts. Should a translation contain typographical errors, a correction will be made free of charge. If the customer does not wish a correction, for whatever reason, they are not entitled to a reduction in the fees payable or to refuse payment. For other complaints, we have the right to make any necessary corrections within a reasonable period of time. Should the customer not provide the opportunity to make corrections, cancellation of the order and demands for compensation are excluded. Complaints of any kind must
be made within 14 days from the date the translation is received by the customer.

7. If a delivery date for the translation has been agreed to, this will be maintained to the best of our ability. However, should the delivery date not be met, we will only be in default if the client has given us a reasonable extension. Depending on the amount of work, the extension must be at least 1 to 2 weeks.

In the case of non-compliance with the agreed delivery date due to events beyond our control, unforeseen events or force majeure, a reasonable grace period shall also be granted or extended.

8. Claims for damages resulting from inaccuracy, delays or for any other legal reasons is expressly excluded. This exclusion of damage claims, e.g. for non-performance or breach of contract does not apply for damages resulting from gross negligence on our part or on the part of our vicarious agents.

9. Liability for the loss of received texts and documents resulting from burglary, theft, fire, flood, storm, or for loss through the post is expressly excluded.

10. Translations will be provided in accordance with the literal or implied meaning of the source text as it applies to the target audience. In the event that we should be held liable for the infringement of a copyright on account of translation work performed, the customer shall fully exempt us from said liability.

11. Translations and interpreting services are services that are to be paid
immediately upon receipt of the invoice without discount.

12. If the customer cancels an order without being legally or contractually entitled to do so, all costs incurred until the cancellation must be reimbursed and any work which was carried out up to that time shall be settled.

13. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Krefeld.